ACES focuses on biomass, biogas and solar power generation across the African continent. We have established solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass and biogas waste-to-energy technologies.

The company has proven track record of financing and operating in African environments with 10 active projects and strong partnerships formed in Namibia, South Africa, Kenya & Uganda. We are further targeting growth in Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other business friendly jurisdictions.


To be a leading solar energy provider in Africa

To build simple renewable energy solutions

Positively impact the world around us

  • Complete country due diligence and partnership selection. 
  • Work with Governments to take project through bankable feasibility: 
    – technical analysis
    – financial analysis
    – legal compliance
    – environmental analysis
  • Develop the project to financial closure.
  • Raise debt and equity for the projects.
  • Project management & budget control to ensure successful delivery.
  • Long term operating strategy with long term annuity stream.Continue to advance to the next generation of projects in the pipeline and develop the projects to commercial operating date.
  • ACES goal is to become a utility in various African countries in the renewable energy market.
  • Our objective is to own and operate the projects in various countries and generate cash flow during the 20 to 25 year period of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • The group plans to construct the following developed projects in the various countries and reach commercial operation during 2017 and to continue to develop the additional projects scheduled for 2018:
    – Namibia: 2017
    – Kenya and Uganda: 2018
    – South Africa: 2018.
  • ACES is targeting owning and operating 500MW by 2021.
  • Future geographical expansion:
    – The Group is evaluating projects in Cote d’Ivoire, Zambia and Rwanda
    – Core market Africa characterised by strong USD denominated PPA’s
  • Over the past 10 years the company has:
  • Installed small scale roof-top solar systems
  • Conducted several Due Diligence exercises on favourable African jurisdictions
  • Completed feasibility studies for biomass, biogas and solar projects
  • Developed and Financially closed 2 utility scale solar projects in Namibia
  • Partnered with bankable and referenced EPC providers
  • Supplied 120 disadvantaged households with a solar battery power solutions as part of our corporate social responsibility
  • Raised the equity and debt of $14m for the Namibian 2 solar projects
  • Currently developing utility scale biogas,biomass and solar projects in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.
  • Vetting and selection of appropriate proven technologies for the African continent and climate

Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy

ACES is committed to complying with all applicable laws and corporate governance practices, in all the countries where we operate.  It is a core aspect of our mission to act with integrity in all of our operations.  The Board of Directors of ACES encourages and expects all employees to comply with both the letter and spirit of the law and governance codes.

ACES affirms that our company will not pay or procure payment of a bribe or unlawful fee to encourage the performance of a task or one which is intended or likely to compromise the integrity of another.  We will not accept any payment, gift or inducement from a third party which is intended to compromise our own integrity.

ACES has communicated and will continue to communicate this policy to all our employees, to ensure that its commitment to integrity and legal compliance is followed.  When contracting with a third party we will insist that they acknowledge our commitment to good governance and that they in turn require the same high standards of those they engage.

Social Corporate Responsibility

At ACES we recognise the importance of partnering with the communities in which we operate and we strive to assist these communities to attain a better standard of life as a result of the company’s involvement. We have identified community projects in the countries where we operate which are aimed at ensuring the communities benefit from our company’s presence in the areas. We strive to educate, uplift and empower the communities with whom we partner.

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