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About Us

Dave Kruger

Dave Kruger as a property developer and owner/landlord successfully completed numerous commercial developments in the West Rand and Northern suburbs in South Africa, from 300m² to 5000m² over a period of 22 years.

He is currently involved in negotiating partnerships in selected countries in Africa with the aim on developing renewable energy projects in the solar and biomass industry.

Dave is actively involved with negotiations with governments in various African countries for the implementation of clean energy power plants. With more than six years of active involvement with Renewable energy and completing numerous projects in South Africa and Namibia, Dave is a true asset.

Tel +27 11 530 9500

Dave KrugerCEO - SACE and Director at ARCP
Sedi /Goaseb

Ulrich Sedi /Gaoseb – possesses extensive experience and an impressive track record in establishing and running businesses across all sectors. He has been involved in renewable energy for the past two years and is a co-founder of ARCP.

Ulrich is well acquainted with the Fishing Industry and has been a Director and Chairperson in key companies – establishing them from inception to their current operational status.

He currently serves on Boards of Naras Investment (Pty) Ltd, Trachurus Fishing (Pty) Ltd, Omankete Investment (Pty) Ltd, Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Kuiseb Cold Store and Kuiseb Traders (Pty) Ltd.

Sedi is a true asset.

Tel +264 61 239 690

Sedi /GoasebDirector - ARCP
Dr Jacky Rampedi

Dr Rampedi (MBCHB) is a graduate of Natal Medical School, now known as Nelson Mandela School of Medicine. He is an entrepreneur, starting private practice more than 15 years ago and developing it into four fully operational primary healthcare clinics. In addition, he has created emergency services which are contracted to Netcare 911 and services the greater Northern Pretoria.

He has extensive community involvement and, inter alia, founded PEPCO, Winterveld Aids Awareness Campaign, BMR Football Club. In 2003, Dr Rampedi launched an initiative to establish and integrated black owned Healthcare group, providing and opportunity to acquire skills and participate in main stream economy.

His achievements have demonstrated his strength of business acumen and abilities as an entrepreneur, all of which he brings to SACE as a member of the Board of Directors.

Dr Jacky RampediDirector - SACE
Melvyn Antonie

Melvyn Antonie holds a BA LLB (Wits) and is an admitted attorney. He also obtained a Diploma in Banking from the Manchester Business School.

In 1973 he joined Barclays National Merchant Bank where he became senior general manager, responsible for mergers, acquisitions, listings, bank syndicated positions and project financing. He became a director of Hill Samuel SA in 1986 and was responsible for the Corporate Finance Department. He formed The Janus Corporation as a shareholder and director in 1987 and between 1996 and 1998, as part of a joint venture, was a director of SG Corporate Finance (SA) (Pty) Limited.

With his extensive experience in the financial field, Mr Antonie is one half of SACE/ARCP finance team, the other half being Tim Wood. The finance team are responsible for securing CAPEX for SACE/ARCP projects if the client requires. Even if the project is not owned by SACE, financing can still be arranged.

With more than six years of active involvement with Renewable energy and completing numerous projects, Melvyn is a true asset.

Tel +27 11 530 9500

Melvyn AntonieDirector - SACE and ARCP
Tim Wood

Tim Wood spent most of his career in the Citi banking group in 12 different countries in their commercial and investment banking sectors. Most recently he was the managing director of a multimillion private equity fund for sub-Saharan Africa.

His role in SACE is primarily in finance and along with Melvyn is responsible for raising funding for projects.

Tim WoodDirector - SACE
Ashley Ally

Ashley has qualifications in Electrical engineering, Town and regional planning, Business and Public Administration. Ashley Basil Ally is the Chief Executive Officer of Izingwe Holdings (Pty) Ltd, an investment company specializing in the areas of infrastructure development, industrial and mining services.

He has worked in various positions since returning from Germany in 1995. He formed part of technical teams that developed various policy frameworks in the post 1994, ranging from economic development, local government, environmental management and other key policies and frameworks across the national, provincial and local spheres of government. He formed part of the team that established democratic local government and went on to head up the portfolios of Planning, Economic development, Environmental Management and Marketing and Tourism from 1995 – 1999.

He moved on to restructure the failed Legal Aid system from 1999 2001 as its Chief Executive. The Legal Aid system has since been an exemplary public institution in South Africa.

He led the bid process of the World Summit on Sustainable development that was won by the City of Johannesburg and hosted by the country in 2002.

He serves on a number of company boards, both listed and unlisted. The company Ashley Ally leads has investments in Anglo Gold Ashanti, Powertech IST, Nedbank, Old Mutual, Aberdare Cables, Onelogix, Scaw Metals and CBI Electric.

Ashley AllyDirector - SACE
Paul Norman

Paul Norman – has many years experience developing and expanding MTN into Africa.

Paul NormanDirector - SACE
Robert W Muchiri

Robert Muchiri is 54 years  Industrious, innovative hardworking, agronomist, resourceful, hands on, good management skills, well exposed, patient, persistent, respects professionalism with a long  business track record.

Robert W Muchiri Executive Director KENYA
Charles Mbire

Charles Mbire is an Economist with a Degree from the University of Essex and an MBA from Leicester University, UK. He is one of the founding shareholders and Chairman of MTN Uganda Ltd, the largest telecommunications company in Uganda and the biggest tax payer in that country. He is the director of Eskom Uganda Limited, a subsidiary of Eskom South Africa and the Chairman and CEO of Invesco Uganda Limited. Mr. Mbire is an investor and director of Rift Valley Railways (Kenya & Uganda) Ltd, Railway Concessionaire Uganda/Kenya and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Uganda Securities Exchange (stock exchange). He has of late invested in oil exploration, oil services, energy and cement production. In 2010, he was appointed a member of the Uganda Presidential Investment Round Table and in 2011 was appointed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as a member of the Regional Advisory Group for Africa.

Charles Mbire Executive Director UGANDA
Jim Friedlander

Jim Friedlander is an international lawyer.  After receiving his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1966, he lived in Malawi for 5 years and Kenya for 8 years.  He has worked in 25 countries in Africa, as a World Bank lawyer, as a private banker at Citibank, and as a private lawyer for large and small law firms.  Over the years, Jim has been on the board of NMB Bank in Zimbabwe and a Canadian mining company listed on the TSE. Jim has advised Governments in Africa and in Eastern Europe for 33 years on their investment laws as a consultant to the World Bank/IFC.

Jim is currently living in London, UK.  He is a member of the ENS Tanzania law firm and a partner in a law firm in Moscow, Russia (where he lived for 8 years).

Jim Friedlander Executive Director LONDON
Daniel Brits

Daniel Brits has worked in sub – Saharan Africa with various groups and projects. With more than 14 years’ experience in Strategy, Research, Logistics, New Business development, Leadership and Management, Daniel adds value to the Dynamic team

Daniel has researched and studied Renewable energy and is actively involved with current projects.

+27 11 530 9500

Daniel BritsProject Manager
Raimo Hasheela

Raimo Hasheela brings admirable skills in Project Management, Information Technology, Renewable Energy Technologies and Administrative Management.  He has greatly contributed to a number of Energy Projects in Namibia including Barrier Removal to Namibian Renewable Energy Programme.

Raimo HasheelaChief Project Officer

Mission Statement

The group are corporations that engage in socially responsible operations. We are dedicated to providing technology, products and services of such quality that our customers will receive superior value, while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our shareholders will receive a sustained return on their investment.

Business Model

The group offers its clients a complete energy solution tailored specifically to their needs. This entails that we start the process with our client by doing a preliminary investigation of their waste and energy problems and propose possible solutions through a Pre-Feasibility study.

Besides the groups existing collection of proven technologies, we have the ability to find and investigate other technologies for our clients and determine the viability of such technologies.

Once a possible solution is identified, a full Feasibility is done to produce a bankable document which includes a technical analysis, financial analysis and the legal requirements for the project. Through the group finance department, a number of different options for financing are presented to the client with a flexible approach in terms of project ownership as well.

The group works closely with its clients to arrive at the most suitable solution. Firstly, all the relevant information regarding the clients requirements and waste problems is gathered. This information together with the selection of the correct technology is converted into a bankable feasibility document. If the study proves financially and environmentally sound SACE proceeds to implement the project either on behalf of the client, as a joint venture with the client or as an owner operator.

When moving into the implementation phase, the group performs strict on-site project management and budget control to ensure a successful project.

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